VOIP handset PerthVOIP phone systems make it easier for businesses to take calls and communicate. A VOIP handset is a handset that uses VOIP technology to make and receive calls from the internet, rather than from a traditional telephone network. The audio from the call is digitized into data the same way data from a web page or a video on the internet is. Calls can be made from a private company IT network and used with the same easy as a regular phone.
These phones have the same features as a traditional phone including transferring, conferences, call forwarding, redialling, speed dialling, and voicemail. They provide seamless integration without any third party devices, or extensive user training.

Main features of VoIP handset Perth

With a new VOIP handset Perth residents can enjoy digital voice quality; they can enjoy a speaker phone, three way conferencing, as well as hundreds of phone book entries, call history, and voicemail message indications.

Are VoIP handsets easy to use? – VOIP handset in Perth

With the VOIP handset Perth businesses can plug it directly into their modem router with the Ethernet cable, or their internet port. There is a built in switch port too. You can plug your computer right into the phone with the PC port. These handsets eliminate the need to connect per phone or per computer.

Choosing a VoIP handset

When choosing VOIP handset Perth businesses should look for the key features they require. First, consider whether you need the system to be hosted, or if you want to select a premise-based solution. This is really contingent upon the size of your company. If your employees exceed 25, you may want an onsite system, but if your company has fewer employees, you might want a hosted system. On that note, you should choose a system and handset that will be cost effective for your company. If discounts are offered on bulk purchases of more than 25 employees/handsets that are ideal save for companies that lack 25 employees.

Consider the features that you want. Most phone handsets are similar, but there may be smaller items you want that not all systems have to offer. If you want a find-me function, double check that the handset you want has that. If you want an auto-attendant feature, ask to see if the handset you are considering has that. IF you need voicemail, don’t buy until you know it is included. Look for products that have soft keys, or perhaps a handset that offers individualized ring tones for your employees. Look to ensure the handset you are selecting has features such as speaker phone, conference calling, and call history.

You will reap many benefits including functionality and integration with mobile devices, remote programming, which enables your IT department to oversee the phones from the comfort of their homes, no longer being called in on the weekend to conduct updates. You can let your phone go where your company goes, enjoying higher flexibility. You can log in to any VOIP phone connected to the company network and make your call.

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