Phone Systems Perth - Telephony PerthTelephony has made a great number of changes over the last few years. These changes are being integrated into the workplace at a faster and faster pace. Why? Because they offer ways for businesses to improve the manner in which they function and the efficiency with which they function.

Telephony ideas for the smart business

In today’s modern business IP telephony there are five key business trends currently shaping the manner in which communication is handled. With telephony perth companies get jump on board and be part of these changes.

1. Unified Communications
This idea is defined as a combination of communication applications and collaboration services. For many companies this means connecting telephony perth based with services like instant messages and conferencing tools. The result is that users can see the status of the other users and in one application they can initiate communication with them. Over 60% of companies have started to implement this form of technology by integrating IM with their phone and computer systems.

2. SIP Trunking
This refers to changing access to certain SIP services. In effect this eliminates some business costs involved in the process and enhances flexibility at the same time. These changes can provide for better mobile integration as well as disaster recovery and call routing. This saves companies an average of 20-60% off their regular phone bill.

3. Video
The quality that video conferencing has to offer has improved with time. This helps to distribute workers around the world and reduce costs for companies. This technology has advanced so much that today video services are actually built into many UC platforms as a default. Such improvements enable more remote workers/customers to facilitate meetings.

4. Virtualization
The changes in virtualization are now providing companies with lower infrastructure costs and lower operating costs. Virtual desktop infrastructure is now being used to provide support for video and voice features. This technology provides for the potential reduction of capital expenses and operational expenses for desktop systems.

5. Mobility
Today there are more mobile services available across a plethora of gadgets and devices. This provides convenience for many companies. Employees can remove their desktop phones and operate functionally from a mobile product. This has potential to reduce a great deal of costs and to heighten mobile phone integration into the work place.

Trends in telephony for business

With telephony perth business can improve the way they function. By enabling better communication and a single location from which to communicate with other users in a variety of mediums companies can now improve the way they function.

Improving business efficiency

With telephony perth companies can improve business efficiency too. Mobile connectivity and flexibility can be heightened. This enables companies to connect with their staff in new and faster ways. It also allows for better conferencing and the faster exchange of information when collaborating. This all improves company efficiency. Costs are reduced for infrastructure and for management of technology which also improves business efficiency. Additional costs for regular phone services are being reduced as well.

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