Common SIP phone features

SIP phone in PerthWhen you install a new SIP phone Perth based you can enjoy dozens of common SIP phone features. Call forwarding lets you redirect calls to another phone or another employee, so that no calls are missed. Call hold lets you place your current calls on hold while you attend to another.

SIP phone Perth

Call logs give your business detailed records of the calls by account or extension, making it easy to track the progress of each employee. Call Park lets you pause or park your call in a certain spot while you retrieve a call from another extension. Call pass lets you transfer a call you took on your cell phone back to your desk phone without incurring any interruption. Call waiting notifies you when someone else is trying to call you. Call screening lets you know who is on the line.

SIP phone

Call transfer lets you format or blind transfer your calls to other employees. Cell phone integration enables you to forward calls to and from cell phones and VOIP phones in the office. Click to call me is a button enabled in your webpage or your email signature that lets customers click, and call you directly. Click to dial is a way to seamlessly make calls with the click of a button from your web browser or your outlook functions. Custom tagging lets you identify the origin of incoming calls. The dashboard features give you a real time status of all of your extensions. There are many other features offered for standard VOIP systems including:

  • Directory assistance
  • Do not disturb
  • Emergency assistance
  • Follow me
  • Local number portability
  • Mobile apps
  • Multiple devices on a single extension
  • Music on hold
  • Never miss a call
  • Simultaneous ring
  • Set caller ID
  • Outlook integration
  • Seven digital dialling
  • User portal
  • Unified inbox
  • Virtual receptions
  • Work from anywhere
  • Voicemail, and voicemail to email

How easy are SIP phones to use?

The best part is the SIP phone Perth based is easy to use. All of the features are easily explained, which alleviates high training costs and resources on behalf of your company.

Benefits of SIP phones over other phone systems

Compared to other phones, your new SIP phone Perth based will provide many benefits. Use of your SIP phone Perth based is easy compared to traditional phones. Everything can be conveniently accessed from singular locations, and managed from them as well. When you select your new VOIP phone system, you can enjoy a multitude of features. You can enjoy an admin portal, created just for your account managers. Your office manager can control all of the functions of the new phone system through this dedicated portal. Call announce is another feature, which whispers an audible version of your custom tag before the call is connected, providing employees with an audible update as to who will be on the other end. Call conferencing will let you add a second outgoing call to a call that is already connected, so mass communication around your office is a breeze. Call continuity is another feature you can add, which ensures your VOIP service is never disconnected or interrupted, even when the power goes out.

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