Telstra Business Fleet Plus Plans

business-phone-systems-perthTelstra Business Fleet Plus gives you:

Free intra-account calls and SMS in Australia between eligible mobiles on the same account – Free calls and SMS messaging between other fleet plans on the same account in Australia.

Share monthly call and data allowances – Save on excess usage charges by sharing your monthly call allowances between eligible fleet plans like Business Fleet Plus, Business Fleet Connect, Business Mobile Advantage, Mobile PLUS, Business Mobile Fleet Select. Your monthly data allowance is also shared between Business Fleet Plus, Business Fleet Connect and Business Mobile Advantage services on the same account while in Australia.

More mobiles means better value – The more Business Fleet Plus services you have on the same account, the lower your standard national call rates become.

SMS Bonus and MessageBank® – Send unlimited SMS to standard Australian numbers (excludes use overseas). Receive unlimited MessageBank® diversion and retrieval in Australia or MessageBank Plus if you have an iPhone.

Flexibility with casual options – If you take up our casual plan option, you have the flexibility to add or remove Business Fleet Plus services with no penalty. Great for managing your business needs as they grow and change.

Monthly Loyalty Credits – Get monthly Loyalty Credits when you bring your own handset (including outright purchase or Mobile Repayment Option).

Premium Plan for your global business – Take your business to the next level with the ultimate fleet plan, including 15GB data and unlimited calls and SMS to standard international numbers while in Australia. When roaming in Eligible Countries, you’ll also get unlimited voice calls and SMS to standard numbers in Australia and Eligible Countries when roaming in Eligible Countries.

Find out more here: Business Fleet-plus Plans Brochure or call (08) 9445 0600.