Customisable IP Hybrid solution

Ericsson-LG has provided customized telephony solutions to the SMB market for many years. The iPECS-MG continues this tradition, building on field-proven technologies and architecture to satisfy core SMB priorities including simplification, flexibility, efficiency, convergence, compatibility, and environmental responsibility.

The iPECS-MG is a highly reliable, extensible and feature-rich hybrid business platform, the iPECS-MG supports complete single network IP solutions as well as mixed deployments consisting of both IP and TDM extensions.

Features and Benefits

Smarter operation for Green IT

  • Energy consumption is reduced by efficient power management

Simple and flexible architecture

  • Built-in communications features and services for a customized platform
  • Less user options for hardware and cost effective expansion using a simple architecture
  • Easier operation and maintenance

Efficiency with enhanced features

  • Future-ready technology, open standards based architecture and the latest PBX functions
  • Rich applications for the SMB including Unified Communications, Auto-attendant / Voice mail and Contact center solution, etc.
  • Centralised and remote management and monitoring for the complete system

Various terminals and multimedia communications interfaces

  • Fax, analog, digital, IP phone, IP soft phone, DECT, video phone and various soft clients for UC and collaboration

Converged solution

  • Combined with a full range of terminals and applications
  • Integrated with secure networking capabilities
  • Centralized management with Ericsson-LG data products


  • Smooth migration path from ipLDK-100 / 300 in Ericsson-LG portfolio
  • Former investment in TDM extensions and trunks is protected and leveraged
  • Enhanced IP platform and open standards based architecture for the future