Erricsson phone systems perthIf you are looking to invest in new phone systems you should start with Ericsson. Each company is different and they each offer a range of business packages and hardware. That is why it is beneficial for companies to shop around and review the technology before they buy.

Benefits of using Ericsson phone systems

There are many providers out there with new technology but with ericsson phone systems perth companies can enjoy some of the most reliable service and the best benefits. But with ericsson phone systems perth companies need only look in one place for their business solution. This company uses the latest technology to meet your company needs.

Choosing the best Ericsson phone system for your business

Consider which piece of hardware offers the best services for your company. See which component or package best suits your company needs. Consider that high costs may be necessary for a top notch product. You should find the best package deal possible. But perhaps the most important consideration is customer service. After investing in ericsson phone systems perth based businesses should receive the best customer service. This is a crucial component especially for businesses that rely on working hardware to run a business.
Ericsson provides dedicated customer service to fix or repair any product in a prompt and efficient manner.

What the Ericsson brand stands for

The Ericsson brand stands for quality service. It stands for great products and even better customer service. With tools like the desktop video phone your company can enjoy a multi functional solution for your video and voice needs. You can work remotely and stay in contact in real time with all of your employees. You can integrate your existing collaboration tools with these tools for optimum productivity. With these phone systems you can enjoy basic phone features including:

  • Redial
  • Call park
  • Call waiting
  • Call holding
  • Call transfer
  • Call forward
  • Speed dial
  • Voice mail
  • Call logs
  • Web management
  • Phone books
  • Caller ID
  • SMS
  • Intercoms

You can optimize the way your company communicates with multimedia collaboration and productivity tools offered by Ericsson. These tools improve your features and capabilities in one place.

Your company can utilize audio call features which let you send call memo. Stay in communication with your staff and clients with video conferencing features available from your mobile phones and your desktop. Enjoy face to face conferencing from any location at any time. You can add eight parties or six people to your group and enjoy application sharing while you are in conference. You can also record the conferences and take still shots.
Your business will also enjoy instant messaging and SMS services wherein you can send and receive information to employees on your internet system or via an external mobile phone. You can even leave notes for people who are not currently in the office.

You can enjoy features such as call control wherein you have control over your level of reachability. You can save time and money for your company with real-time communication and collaboration. You can enjoy call control from a desktop phone and easy execution of call control functions with the literal touch of a button.