office phonesNo matter what size businesses you have, if you have an office, you’ll require some form of telecommunications to successfully operate. An office phone strategy provided by Phone Systems Perth can help give your company the competitive advantage you need, along with improve productivity and a reduction in overall costs.

This strategy may not just include an office phone system but, depending on your needs, may include other aspects of telecommunications including carrier services and data services as well as mobile services. Given that telecommunications technology is advancing so quickly, Phone System Perth also ensure that technology hype is separated from the real, concrete business benefits of cutting edge office phones. This is critical to implementing the best telecommunications strategy for your business.

Phone Systems Perth telecommunications strategies

Phone Systems Perth continue to develop various telecommunications strategies that are right for Perth businesses by providing information on office phone systems and network services in an easy to understand way.

Phone Systems Perth supply Telephone Systems from leading world class office phone system Manufacturers such as Lg Aria, ShoreTel, Ericsson and Samsung.

Telephone System types

PABX office phonesAs well as proving PBX and PABX Telephone Systems, the convergence of Voice and data has created an opportunity for Phone systems Perth to offer Voice over the Internet (commonly referred to as VoIP). We also offer office phone systems that integrate with advanced features such as Voicemail and Unified Messaging Services, Computer Telephony Integration, with manufacturers such as M2 and Cytrack. Each of these products seamlessly connect to your office phone system and provide cost savings and reliable service for your telecommunications.

Utilising the ISDN services from network carriers Telstra means features such as direct dial to individual phone extensions of your office phone system. Phone systems Perth can also provide Call Center Applications for uniform distribution and automatic distribution calls which enable smooth handling of incoming and outgoing phone calls.

Telstra Office Phones

telstra office phonesPhone Systems Perth partner with Telstra for the most effective office phone system. Telstra is the most effective communications company in Australia to provide customers with a truly integrated telecommunications experience across fixed line, mobiles, and broadband.

Phone Systems Perth use Telstra to help businesses combine, streamline and therefore save with the extensive services from one company. It’s the capability to provide your business with a single bill on a streamlined solution that reduces administration and saves you money. Telstra has Australia’s largest and fastest national mobile network, with wide regional coverage and superior reception in tunnels, buildings and undercover carparks.

Phone Systems Perth allows yor business to take advantage of new technology with Telstra’s cutting edge advances, ensuring your business remains efficient and ahead of the competition. The Telstra Mobile Portal gives you more from your investment with email and magazine subscriptions that provide insight, advice and tips for your business, as well as access to free news, finance, weather, online search and more on demand.

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