LIP-8024EThe LIP-8024E is ideal for the Remote worker, Managers, General office, Receptionists and Assistants. It contains an optimised attendant application and 24 flexible buttons.

LIP-8024E features

  • 240 x 56 backlit LCD 4 lines
  • 3 soft keys
  • Navigation key
  • Full duplex SPK
  • 10 fixed buttons
  • Wideband Codec
  • Ring/MW indicator
  • 2nd hub port(10/100/1000T)
  • Optional Bluetooth/DSS
  • User programmable 24 feature keys
  • BLF information with triple color LED
  • More informative display with feature icons
  • LLDP-MED / 802.1x security support
  • Open VPN support
  • Gigabit support

iPECS LIP-8000E series are user friendly and easy-to-use IP phones that enrich your communications experience. Users quickly learn to use the LIP phone thanks to one button operations and user friendly features such as the navigation and soft-menu keys.