Analysing your phone system usage

Best business phone systems PerthBefore you write off upgrading your phone system, or run out and make an impulsive purchase, it is imperative that your business analyse its current phone system usage. Only be determining how and why your phone is used, what new features you need, etc… can you make sure that the new system you install meets your demands.

Choosing the best business phone systems in Perth

When looking for the best business phone systems Perth has to offer, businesses must realize that they are no longer as limited as they once were. Small to mid-sized businesses don’t have to limit their thinking when it comes to picking a phone. There are many feature-rich phone systems that are available to businesses of all sizes and all budgets.

Improving your workflow

So how do you choose a Best business phone systems?

  1. When looking for the best business phone systems Perth has to offer, figure out your business pain point. That means you must find problems you are currently having with your phone system and which of those problems you want to solve with your new phone system. Is your existing system expensive to maintain? Do you have many phone systems in different offices, making it difficult to communicate with one another? Do customers spend too much time on hold, or do they find it challenging to get in contact with the right person? Do your employees turn to cell phones more often than not in order to utilize modern communication features? Are third party conference calls becoming too expensive to be manageable? Do you need a phone system that is tech savvy and up to date for a mobile workforce?
  2. Develop your case for an IP system. Develop the ROI model that quantifies the productivity your business expects it will get from installing a new phone system. Your productivity measures the qualitative productivity, such as increased customer satisfaction, or it might measure end user productivity which might be time employees save, increased call volumes, or more effective call centres.
  3. When looking for the best business phone systems Perth has to offer, ask yourself if you want an IP phone system on location or one in a cloud. Many companies purchase the phone system hardware and software, and then manage it themselves from their location. Using this model, you have to make an upfront capital investment after which you will incur the operational expenses. Companies usually work with a network consultant to deploy the system, and to get on-going maintenance. But that is not your only option. You can now use a cloud service or hosted service wherein your service is managed and housed offset by a VoIP provider, a phone company, or even a local reseller. Utilizing a hosted approach will alleviate the upfront capital. Your company would instead pay an installation fee once, and then a monthly cost per user fee thereafter. In this method, adding or reducing the number of users is easy. You are also free from having to upgrade software or maintain the system.

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